Comprehensive Assessment and Intensive Treatment Backed by Solid Outcomes

Lindner Center of HOPE, near Cincinnati, Ohio, has built a reputation of success on its comprehensive diagnostic assessment and short-term intensive treatment program for adults called Sibcy House and adolescent program called Williams House. These programs have produced clinically significant outcomes and exceptional patient satisfaction scores. Experienced clinicians, advanced diagnostics and treatment, and an exceptional therapeutic environment, make this success possible.

Sibcy House Demographics and Outcomes








Williams House Demographics and Outcomes














Lindner Center of HOPE Patient Improvement Outcomes


As the field of medicine continues to place a greater importance on measuring outcomes, Lindner Center of HOPE recognized the need to measure and evaluate how effectively staff, programs and services deliver the mission. After evaluating scales upon which to measure outcomes, the Clinical Global Impressions (CGI) Scale was selected to measure illness severity based on clinician-rating of the patient using all available information and their clinical experience. The CGI is a global assessment of symptoms, behavior and impact of illness on function. The CGI is one of the best global measures of psychiatric illness severity in psychiatry.

The CGI-S scores range from 1 (normal, not at all ill) through to 7 (among the most severely ill).

1 = Normal, not at all ill
2 = Borderline mentally ill 3 = Mildly ill 4 = Moderately ill 5 = Markedly ill 6 = Severely mentally ill
7 = Among the most extremely ill patients

Usage of the Scale

The CGI-S (severity) is used at admission and discharge for both adult inpatient units, Sibcy House short-term residential unit and Adult Partial Hospitalization Program. The Mean of the CGI-S scores at admission and discharge are assessed as well as the mean of the change between scores from admission to discharge.

Interpretation of Results

Decrease in one point or more is considered clinically signifi cant and meaningful improvement. These results align with positive patient satisfaction scores. The graphs represent all patients who received both a CGI score at admission and at discharge. The numbers above the bars represent the average score for those patients.