OCD Treatment and Diagnosis: Proven and Pattern-Breaking Residential Programs

The lives of individuals with obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) and co-occurring conditions are often disrupted by a pattern of repetitive actions and obsessive thoughts. Both in addition to intense anxiety are causing real problems in their daily life, making every day activities and relationships very difficult to maintain.

OCD Treatment Centers

For patients 18 and older, Sibcy House and Williams House, Lindner Center of HOPE’s premier, residential program offers a proven and step-by-step assessment and treatment program designed by experienced OCD specialists.

Listen to the “Realities of OCD” as presented by Lindner Center of HOPE’s OCD experts.

Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Individuals suffering from OCD frequently experience unwanted and intrusive thoughts triggering extreme anxiety. Their obsessive thoughts can include contamination by germs, harming someone, or losing items; driving them to engage in repeated behaviors such as hoarding or touching and mental rituals such as internal counting or repetitive prayer.

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Individuals who come to the Lindner Center of HOPE have tried repeatedly to resolve and fix their struggle with OCD. They are seeking a patient-centered program, in an integrated and residential format.

OCD Assessment and Treatment:  Breaking the Pattern

Accurately identifying OCD and potential co-occurring conditions is the fundamental first step for a successful long-term result. Based on proven protocols and processes, our phased assessment and treatment plan is customized to the patient. Treatment modalities may include therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) and mindfulness training.

Patients move forward with progressive and proven steps to free themselves from the grasp of obsessive compulsive disorder and other anxiety conditions. Effective education combined with these therapies further equips the patient and family with knowledge for continued success at home.

Payment Options

Handling the financial implications of mental illness can be difficult. Our financial counselors can help you discuss and determine payment arrangements. Payment for Sibcy House or Williams House is discretely arranged on a private-pay basis.

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