Individualized, Comprehensive Residential Assessment and Treatment for Depression and Bipolar Disorders

Most of the treatment options available today provide limited resources for both diagnosing and treating mood disorders. The underlying reasons and potential problems are rarely discovered during this type of diagnosis, making long-term success difficult to reach.

Our comprehensive, residential program offers intense, individualized assessment and treatment without the constraints sometimes imposed by third-party payers.

Signs of Depression, Bipolar and Other Mood Disorders

When it comes to mood disorders such as depression and bipolar, the signs can vary. Parents often notice that their child’s (new) patterns of behavior don’t “match-up.” Their son or daughter loses interest in or sometimes withdrawals from favored activities and/or friends.

Adults can also experience a lack of interest or motivation, including difficulty concentrating. Getting anything done, whether it’s at home or work can be a serious challenge. Their world view and how they look at themselves is chronically hopeless and lackluster…“Everything hurts.”

Up and down mood swings are often associated with bipolar disorder. The patient fluctuates from an elated and “high” happy mood and racing thoughts to severe depressive and manic episodes.

When patients come to the Lindner Center of HOPE it’s often because they are still struggling despite trying different treatment options. While currently stable, they recognize depression or a manic episode could easily reoccur. A hospital stay may have left them feeling hopeless, without any real answers.

A Comprehensive and In-depth Patient-Centered Residential Assessment & Treatment

We offer patients ages 11 and older a one-of-a-kind Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment supported by an interactive and well-rounded approach. Our multi-disciplinary evaluation covers their medical history, and all emotional, behavioral, psychological, spiritual, and social arenas.

Our remarkable clinical team knows how to take on the complicated, complex issues burdening the patient, and find the right diagnosis and develop the right treatment path.

We align and integrate a highly individualized treatment process with diagnosis, starting the patient off on the road to recovery as soon as possible. We talk to relevant stakeholders, including family and caregivers; building a 360 picture of the individual’s relationships, work, family, social and school life. From the start, we consider external stakeholders part of the team.

The assessment leads to treatment readiness/preparation with an ongoing, focused combination of psychiatric management, psychotherapy, and medication for recovery. Patients who complete the program receive a personal blueprint for treatment and recovery.

Payment Options

Handling the financial implications of mental illness can be difficult. Our financial counselors can help you discuss and determine payment arrangements. Payment for Sibcy House or Williams House is discretely arranged on a private-pay basis.

Contact us with your questions at 513-536-0537 or 1-888-53-SIBCY and learn more about our residential programs here.

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