In-depth, Effective Residential Assessment and Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

When it comes to successfully diagnosing and treating anxiety disorders, a detailed assessment and a personalized treatment plan is often the key. An accurate diagnosis which may include co-occurring conditions, paves the way for individuals with this disorder to gain the specific support, knowledge and skills they need to manage their anxiety long-term.

Lindner Center of HOPE offers a comprehensive residential treatment plan that delivers results. Personalized and in-depth, each patient learns effective and highly tailored solutions for managing and overcoming anxiety.

Our clinicians effectively treat a variety of anxiety and co-occurring conditions, including generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, specific phobias, social anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), acute stress disorder, dissociative disorders, and substance-induced anxiety disorder.

Signs of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders can strike anyone, in part because exposure to traumatic events and stressful environments, medical illness, heredity and co-occurring disorders can each or all contribute.

While the symptoms can vary broadly, general indications include the following. These individuals often experience chronic worry and anxiety that grows in intensity, leading to isolation, withdrawal or depression. They may agonize about everyday issues like money and work, and/or that something awful may happen to them or someone they care about.

Their anxiety and fear “show up” with a range of symptoms that may include trembling, constant tiredness, difficulty breathing, headaches, heart palpitations or nausea. Certain situations or activities can bring on intense fear, whether it’s insects, being in a group or heights. Straightforward decisions and situations can become intolerable and painful due to the fear of having another anxiety or panic attack.

If this sounds familiar, take this straightforward screener.

Patients who come to the Lindner Center of HOPE have tried various strategies to address their anxiety, only to have it resurface. The ups and downs of this illness can leave them feeling powerless, vulnerable and frustrated.

Expert, Personalized Residential Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders with Results

A comprehensive diagnostic assessment is the first step to correctly identifying an anxiety disorder and co-occurring conditions. Our knowledgeable clinicians work closely with the patient to identify the underlying causes and undiagnosed illnesses complicating the issue; leading to long-term relief and results.

What is effective residential anxiety treatment?

Each patient’s personalized treatment plan incorporates the appropriate blend of psychotherapy and effective education for the patient and supporting family. By actively involving family members in therapy, our treatment team equips the patient with critical support for continued success at home.

What strategies are helpful in residential anxiety treatment?

Patients learn how to manage anxiety with a range of personalized strategies. At Lindner Center of HOPE each patient will gain the foundational skills and knowledge to build lifelong habits that guide them towards meaningful recovery.

Payment Options

Handling the financial implications of an anxiety disorder can be difficult. Our financial counselors can help you discuss and determine payment arrangements. Payment for Sibcy House or Williams House is discretely arranged on a private-pay basis.

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