Rapid Access Service

A barrier to the delivery of quality mental health care services is the lack of rapid access to service. Wait list times to
see an outpatient psychiatrist for an initial session can exceed 12 weeks or more, leaving patients and families in need
of treatment in urgent situations with few alternatives for care.

Lindner Center of HOPE Professional Associates Rapid Access Services (RAS) is an outpatient service for patients 18
and older, open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. This service enables patients in need to have a scheduled appointment, within days of the call. The appointment includes a thorough outpatient assessment with a psychiatrist and social worker, a care plan, recommendations with referrals and a written after-visit summary. In addition, when needed subsequent bridge appointments may be scheduled with the psychiatrist. RAS enables patients to quickly get outpatient help with symptoms and concerns.

Call 513-536-0639 for an appointment.

Initial Appointment, scheduled for 2.5 hours                                                           Bridge Appointments

•45 to 60 minute visit with social worker •Provides continuity of care
•30-minute screening completion •Scheduled with psychiatrist
•45 to 60 minute meeting with psychiatrist •Up to three may be scheduled

•Presentation of plan of care with recommendations

•After-visit summary

•Not restricted to RAS time, but rather
mutually agreeable time for psychiatrist
and patient
Fee: $565 including deposit (A $100 non-refundable deposit is
required at the time the appointment is scheduled..)
Fee: $290 per appointment

RAS is a private-pay service and does not accept insurance.
Call 513-536-0639 for an appointment.