Expert Treatment focused on patient and family

The treatment experience at Lindner Center of HOPE is unlike other psychiatric hospitals and treatment centers.

Not only do patients benefit from the expertise of physicians and doctorate and masters level professionals, positive outcomes achieved at the Center are maximized by the inclusion of patient and family as part of the treatment team.

Lindner Center of HOPE staff members are committed to collaboration between family, clinicians and other care-givers (as appropriate) to improve diagnostic accuracy, maximize treatment planning, enhance the continuity of care, ease transitions and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

By keeping patients and families first, Lindner Center of HOPE seeks to treat the whole patient as part of a larger family unit. Each patient’s situation and journey is unique, therefore treatment is tailored to address specific symptoms and underlying causes. This approach addresses the individual spectrum of needs that each patient presents. It is only after a thorough diagnostic process and interaction with the family, that our multidisciplinary team will make recommendations for treatment. At Lindner Center of HOPE, a wide range of services are available and accessible including acute inpatient care, residential services, office-based outpatient appointments and other programs. If we do not have a service or expertise that a patient needs, we promise to provide a qualified referral for the best care.