A letter from grateful parents

Dear Administrators of LCOH and Sibcy House,

We are writing to express, briefly, our most sincere thanks for the gift of hope and life given to our daughter as a result of her stay at Sibcy House last February.

Anna had suffered for 16 years, beginning with a sexual trauma and betrayal by a friend, which she kept hidden from us for 2 years, at the age of 16.  She developed a severe eating disorder, which almost killed her and which lasted for most of these years of suffering.  During that time, however, her mental health spiraled down dramatically, and by the time she was admitted to Sibcy House, she was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, mood disorder, and the eating disorder, and probably more than that.

We are certain that her healing is a miracle resulting from two powerful sources – unceasing prayer…..and…..modern psychiatric medicine and treatment and the outstanding care she received at Sibcy House.  We will never be able to adequately express to you how grateful we are for the part that LCOH/Sibcy House has played in Anna’s transformation to life.

Going from a person plagued by all of the above to the consistently happy, grateful, goal-oriented, independent young woman that she is today is nothing but a miracle.  Those who were closest to her in her last downward spiral before Sibcy House just sit and stare at her in amazement –  they just cannot get over the change, which has lasted now for almost 9 months!  There seem to be no ups and downs at all – she is just consistently steady, prospering and full of joy!  She jokingly refers to herself as “everybody’s favorite miracle”!

We thank God, from Whom all gifts and goodness flows, for the wonderful and skilled people He put in her life at the perfect time (although it was such a long time for us to wait, watching her suffer for all those years, suffering along with her).  We thank everyone at Sibcy House who worked with Anna and we’d love them to know how well she is doing.  Anna is now living on her own in D.C. (with our financial support at this time), working M-F (walking dogs, of all things!) and is applying for grad school in fine arts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sibcy House staff and benefactors, for your integral, life-saving work in the restoration of our daughter!