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Name and Purpose

  • The name of this organization shall be High Hopes.
  • The purpose of thisorganization is to be a non-profit auxiliary, raisng funds, awareness and providing support for the Lindner Center of HOPE.

Membership and Dues

  • Currently accepting new members, please apply online or make contact with High Hopes as directed below.
  • In order to remain in High Hopes, a member is required to attend one of the following quarterly meetings. If unable to attend meetings, she is required to give notice to the hostess.
  • Membership dues will be collected by the treasurer once a year.
  • Active Dues: $48.00


  • Meetings will be held four times a year – February, April, September and November. we will meet on the second Wednesday of that month at the home of a volunteer member.


  • Derby Party 2009
  • Bridge to Hope 2010
  • Brick Campaign
  • To date, we have raised over $250,000 for Lindner Center of HOPE!

Join us

If you are interested, or have questions about membership, please click here.