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Sharing your stories of HOPE helps us tell others about how Lindner Center of HOPE provides life-changing treatment for people living with mental illness.  Please tell us about your personal experience as a patient or donor at Lindner Center of HOPE.  Please also read the stories below from some of our grateful patients.

Sharing your story gives HOPE to those seeking help.  Please send your story to:

Mary Alexander
Lindner Center of HOPE
Development Office
4075 Old Western Row Road
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We are writing to express, briefly, our most sincere thanks for the gift of hope and life given to our daughter as a result of her stay at Sibcy House last February.

Anna had suffered for 16 years, beginning with a sexual trauma and betrayal by a friend, which she kept hidden from us for 2 years, at the age of 16.  She developed a severe eating disorder, which almost killed her and which lasted for most of these years of suffering.  During that time, however, her mental health spiraled down dramatically, and by the time she was admitted to Sibcy House, she was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, mood disorder, and the eating disorder, and probably more than that. ~ Read more of Anna’s story, click here.

“We made a lot of mistakes during this time of trouble, all of them classic and well known. We got bad advice, we got good advice, but the best advice was “get him to the Lindner Center.” When Adam’s problems became apparent and, the justice system got involved they treated his issues as a “crime.” Addiction is a brain disease no different than cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. You don’t put sick people in jail, you treat their illness. Crime is a manifestation of the disease and caused by the hold addiction has on an individual.” ~ Read more of Betsy and Neil Winget’s story, click here




Sherry“In 2012 I discovered Lindner Center of HOPE, specifically their Sibcy House program. An accurate diagnosis, an intensive treatment stay, and a long-term treatment plan that includes a coach, has changed my life. Lindner Center of HOPE is not like any place I have ever been before; it is a safe place to land. A place where I was treated with respect and the staff supported me.”
~ Read more of Sherry’s story, click here



“Suffering with Anxiety and Panic Disorder, I finally decided that I’d had enough and was determined to find a place that could help me.  I researched mental health facilities all over the country.  I spent many nights on my knees and in tears asking God to lead me to the right place to get real help.  I found Lindner Center of HOPE.”
~ Read more of Greg’s story, click here



Doreen 3“I want to shout from the rooftop to tell anyone suffering from mental illnesses that miracles can happen. Faith, hope, tenacity, and a positive outlook – combined with the most amazing team of doctors, hospitals, new genetic testing, and safe treatments from the miracle of science and innovation are now available to help us conquer the stigma, helplessness and excruciating suffering from depression and other illnesses to make us whole again. “
~ Read more of Doreen’s story, click here