Change the course of a life. Of an illness. Of a generation.
Of a city. Of a nation.

There’s never been a better time than now.

Mental illness presents a lifetime battle and continuous care is often needed. The financial, emotional, and physical toll it can take on patients and their families can be devastating. Insurance coverage for mental healthcare is limited or non-existent for many patients. And high out-of-pocket costs make treatment unaffordable for many, even for individuals with insurance.

Stigma and discrimination, too, have long been accomplices to the tragedies and loss of life that occur as a result of untreated mental illness.

Clearly, there’s much to be done.

But minor changes mean minimal impact. Only through the compassion, generosity and shared purpose of people like you can we truly hope to elevate access, accelerate breakthroughs, and eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Gifts that speak volumes.

Recently, Lindner Center of HOPE received commitments totaling $75 million, underscoring the Center and the Cincinnati region as national leaders in mental health care.

Cincinnati business leaders and humanitarians Linda and Harry Fath graciously pledged a $50 million challenge gift, while Frances and Craig Lindner made a $25 million commitment in response to this challenge. The gifts are two of the largest in North America made by individuals in the area of mental health.

“The Lindner Center has helped many members of our extended family,” Mr. Fath says. “Through much research, I have learned how underserved mental health is and how important it is for Lindner Center to get to a much higher level. My wife and I decided something drastic has to be done to serve people suffering from mental illness and address the financial costs of care.

Our hope is that over time we will raise well in excess of the $75 million. This would truly put the Center in a position to accomplish the original dream of establishing the nation’s leading comprehensive facility for mental health care.”

The Faths have devoted their time, talent, and resources to causes benefiting Greater Cincinnati and the world. You may not recognize their names because they are very private, but Mr. Fath, a former lawyer turned entrepreneur, has built one of the most successful private family businesses in Greater Cincinnati.

Mr. Lindner, co-CEO and co-president of American Financial Group Inc., is the board chair of Lindner Center of HOPE, and along with his wife Frances, the founder of Lindner Center of HOPE.

“Frances and I were so moved by the incredible generosity of Linda and Harry Fath,” said Mr. Lindner. “Our hope is that others will join us in the effort to help more people on the road to mental wellness through Lindner Center of HOPE.”

The Fath-Lindner Challenge of Hope

The gifts from the Faths and Lindners will help alleviate the suffering of so many, while making huge strides towards eradicating the destructive stigma surrounding mental illness and opioid addiction.

But they’re not stopping there.

The Faths’ and Lindners’ vision is to raise at least an additional $50 million.

$50 Million Goal

In addition to their own commitment to Lindner Center of HOPE, the Faths and Lindners challenge you to join them in supporting the mission of the Center. Your donation will start working immediately in three important areas.


Although enormous advances have been made in understanding the neuroscience of mental illness and developing safer, more effective treatments, further research is essential to overcome the limitations of existing therapies. Your gift may be used to help fund:

  • Innovative proof-of-concept studies designed to collect data for submission to external agencies for competitive funding.
  • Mechanisms for attracting support from external sources of funding, including local, regional, and national foundations for research in neuroscience related to mental illness.


Lindner Center of HOPE is a leader in the fight to eradicate stigma. Through public education, we raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of mental illness, encouraging more people to reach out for help and treatment. Your gift can help increase our ability to:

  • Deliver educational programs to the community.
  • Provide support to families in their mental health journey, as well as health care providers and community partners.
  • Build lasting relationships with influential community partners.


Your gift can help us introduce new services as well as expand existing services, allowing us to help even more people struggling with mental illness. This would include:

  • Financial assistance for people who may not have adequate resources or insurance coverage to seek care at the Center.
  • Develop programs to address unmet needs, such as internet addiction and ADHD.

Together, we can ensure that people have access to life-changing care now and into the future.

Paul E. Keck, MD
President and CEO, Lindner Center of HOPE

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