ADHD Treatment: A Multimodal Approach is Most Effective

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a complex mental health issue that is not always easy to diagnose. This is often due in part to the existence of signs and symptoms indicative of other conditions such as anxiety and depression.

There are also various classifications of ADHD where either the attention deficit symptoms or the hyperactivity symptoms are more dominant; or where a near equal combination of both is present. Each individual case is unique. Many times an accurate assessment of symptoms requires a rather lengthy diagnostic process.

Those involved in the life of a child or young adult with ADHD struggle along with them in many ways. Parents, teachers and peers at times become frustrated with the ADHD sufferer’s symptoms and behaviors. These include being easily distracted, disruptive, impulsive and an inability to sit still.

A Comprehensive Approach to ADHD Treatment

Incorporating multiple modes of treatment usually produces the best results in those with ADHD. These often include psychotherapy and behavior modification combined with education and medications. Talk therapy and behavioral therapies will help a child better understand their condition and what may trigger certain responses. These will also enable a child with ADHD to be more aware of their behaviors and discover ways to break out of destructive patterns.

Most medications used in ADHD treatments come in the form of stimulants, antidepressants and mood stabilizers. It may take several tries to determine which medication works best for a particular child. But once a medication is settled upon, it will often have a calming effect on the child and will help them significantly improve their focus.

ADHD education programs are recommended for both parents and children as part of the treatment process. Through these programs, goals will be established, progress will be evaluated and strategies outlined in order to help parents recognize and understand ADHD symptoms. These programs also help children with ADHD build self-esteem and develop effective coping mechanisms.

Multimodal treatment plans have a proven track record. This method attacks ADHD from all angles and often helps clear the path for a child to one day live a successful and fulfilling life.



This blog is written and published by Lindner Center of HOPE.